Light spot at Hot Yoga Spot Albany

Albany, NY: Hot Yoga Spot on Stuyvesant Plaza

This long weekend, where we yoga is Albany, NY.

Fun trivia: Before I moved to the US, I thought NYC was the capital of New York State! I think it only really clicked for me when I met my boyfriend, who grew up in upstate New York.

First of all, sorry that there is no photo! I meant to take a photo of the studio on my second visit but that never really came because I got super sick. But if you head on over to their website, they have some pics for all of you.


Callie at Mahayana Temple
Instead, here is a photo of Callie the dog running toward one of the temples in Leeds, NY (more about this at the end of this post)


This is my second time in Albany and Hot Yoga Spot (HYS) is the second studio in the area that I’ve tried. HYS has a great deal for new students: $25 for a week-long membership. That’s 7 days of yoga for the price of 2 classes. Honestly, it’s easier to find drop-in or new-student rates for yoga than regular gyms. Gyms usually offer a trial but only for local residents – not too great if you’re traveling and want to keep to your fitness and mindfulness routine.

What I liked best: the studio was spacious and unlike other hot yoga spaces I’ve been in, the humidity was very much controlled. The classes themselves were designed to guide some students in building some heat from within. The sign up and check-in process was easy (I used Mind Body app to pay for my week and sign up for class). I did two classes: Sweat & Let Go, and Hot Power Flow (both with Teacher Kayla). Both are designed as vinyasa flows that culminate in relaxation although Sweat & Let Go was designed to have a longer yin/relaxation sequence.

All in all, I can tell that this is a great spot for yogis of all ages and levels. I know hot yoga can be a bit of a turn-off for some people, but I honestly feel like this is a great space for aspiring new yogis or those new to heated classes.

One other strange thing I noticed: there were a lot of couples practicing together. In the first two classes I tried, there was a couple lying on their mats right in front of me, holding hands as we waited for class to begin. In my home studio back in Arlington, there are some couples that go to class together but they usually don’t interact much until the end of class. Is it the studio, is it the city or  is it because last week was Valentine’s day? Anyway, I thought that was unusual but cute.

Other upstate NY highlights:

  • Finally made my way to the Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Leeds, NY
  • Snow! DC has been even more snow-starved than usual this winter. When am I getting a snow day, DC?!
  • Authentic Asian home-cooked meals everyday. Also, eating and bringing home a dozen of the best banh baos (big buns) on the planet (outside of Asia).